Sloyd Raised $3.2M to Accelerate AI 3D Modelling for Creators and Gaming

Norway based Sloyd, an AI 3D modelling startup, secured $3.2 million in seed funding from a16z GAMES’ gaming accelerator (SPEEDRUN), Antler, Skyfall Ventures, FreshFund, Acequia Capital, Hartmann Capital, and angel investors. Autodesk also participated with a strategic investment.

Founded in 2021, Sloyd is revolutionizing 3D asset creation by enabling creators to design, customize, and implement 3D assets with unmatched ease and efficiency. Their platform leverages generative AI to transform text prompts into game-quality models with clean topology in real-time. By harnessing advanced AI-driven generators based on object archetypes, Sloyd ensures that each asset is optimized and ready for immediate use in various projects.

Sloyd’s AI-driven platform integrates prompting, parametric models, and real-time world generation, making high-quality 3D creation accessible for game developers, TV/movie production professionals, and architectural visualization. This innovative solution not only speeds up creation time but also empowers gamers to create 3D assets within games and XR experiences instantly. The platform’s robust web app and SDK further enhance its utility, enabling seamless integration into existing workflows and real-time generation of 3D assets directly within applications. The startup is already being utilized by some of the world’s largest gaming companies.

AI 3D modeling is a rapidly growing industry, and the startup has over 250,000 user signups to date. The global 3D modeling market is projected to reach a value of $32 billion in the next decade.

Addressing IP concerns in the AI design space, Sloyd ensures the use of proprietary data for model generation, allowing users to safely create and customize models without infringing on third-party data.

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