Step into the Future of News Marketing with AIPressRoom

We’re not just another newswire – we’re redefining news marketing.

Yes, AIPressRoom efficiently performs all the functions of a conventional newswire, propelling press releases to over 400 renowned platforms (including Google News), reaching out to influencers, bloggers, and media personnels. However, in an era where legacy media’s power is diminishing, we bring a novel approach to news marketing, offering you unparalleled visibility and control over the customer journey.

Why Choose AIPressRoom?

In search of a platform to elevate your news visibility? AIPressRoom is your go-to AI-driven powerhouse, revolutionizing press release distribution and news marketing. As traditional media platforms lose their foothold, it’s time to explore innovative avenues of influence.

Harness the potential of AIPressRoom’s News Marketing platform, crafted to amplify your news reach post-distribution, promising you enhanced visibility and impact.

At AIPressRoom, we go beyond the boundaries of a standard newswire service, offering you an extensive distribution network, direct notifications to key industry players, and much more. We are spearheading the news marketing sector with these groundbreaking features:

AI-Powered News Creation Suite

At the core of AIPressRoom lies our innovative AI technology, leveraging OpenAI’s latest Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model. We pioneered the amalgamation of AI and news distribution, offering tools that facilitate the crafting of compelling press releases from scratch or enhancing existing ones. You can also generate a press release from any URL, complete with a selection of eye-catching headlines.

Comprehensive ‘News Marketing’ Support

Submit your press release to AIPressRoom and watch as our AI suite transforms it into a range of supportive content, propelling your news to the right audiences. This encompassing package includes:

  • Customized media outreach emails to introduce your news to journalists.
  • Social media messages embellished with trending hashtags.
  • Engaging blog posts/articles for effective content marketing.
  • Video news snippets, optimized for leading social platforms.
  • Multilingual translations of your release.

Guaranteed Placement Programs

Expand your reach with AIPressRoom’s exclusive placement programs. Select from industry-specific domains to feature your news, partnering with high-authority sites that resonate with your sector. Benefit from our publishing partnership program, offering websites lucrative opportunities through guaranteed/featured press release placements.

Integrated Influencer Marketplace

AIPressRoom reshapes the dynamics of news distribution, integrating an influencer marketplace to amplify your press release reach. Engage relevant influencers to bolster your news visibility post-release, capitalizing on the influential power of online personalities in driving targeted exposure.

Employee News Advocacy

Harness the potential of your workforce in advocating your company’s news, fostering a broader and more engaged audience. AIPressRoom facilitates this by seamlessly integrating advocacy with press release distribution, offering trackable links to monitor advocate activities.

Decision Maker Inbox Direct

Take command with AIPressRoom’s feature allowing direct notifications to industry stalwarts upon releasing a press note. Utilize our extensive database to reach potential clients across various industries, enhancing brand recognition and opening doors to potential sales opportunities.