AIPressRoom is your dedicated hub for impartial and accessible news distribution, assisting both organizations and individuals in expanding their reach to broader audiences. To maintain the integrity of our platform and enhance the effectiveness of your news dissemination, every press release submitted to AIPressRoom undergoes meticulous editorial review. These guidelines are designed to guide you in crafting impactful press releases that can potentially amplify your media visibility.

Kindly note that clients are exclusively accountable for the content they disseminate via AIPressRoom.

Content Eligibility for AIPressRoom

Craft your news releases to showcase pertinent and captivating information, steering clear of overt promotional language or spam-like content. Suitable themes encompass announcements pertaining to events, accolades, corporate expansion, alliances, personnel shifts, financial insights, or thoughtful commentary on prevailing news affairs.

Fundamental Formatting Norms

Ensure your press release adheres to the following criteria:

  • Maintains a neutral tone, utilizing third-person narration.
  • Avoids the usage of sensational elements like exclamation marks or exaggerated claims.
  • Excludes HTML tags, unconventional characters, tables, or forced line breaks.

Restricted Content

AIPressRoom strictly refrains from accepting or distributing:

  • Repetitive news releases.
  • Investment advisories, advertisements, or explicit material.
  • Content promoting the trading of firearms, tobacco products, hazardous weight loss items, or unauthorized and deceptive health supplements.
  • Copyright-infringing material and third-party legal disclosures.
  • Material encouraging hate speech, discrimination, or unwarranted aggression.
  • Promotions associated with online betting, payday credits, or prescription medications (exceptions apply).
  • Content resembling unauthorized drugs or controlled substances in a misleading manner.

Press Release Segments and Structuring Guidelines

Adhere to the following when organizing your press release:

  • Headline: Construct a headline that is both inventive and precise, limited to 70 alphanumeric characters and presented in title case.
  • Abstract/Summary: A concise, 2-3 sentence overview highlighting the central message of your press release.
  • Prominent Quote: Incorporate a defining quote or excerpt that succinctly represents your news.
  • Release Date & Time: Plan to schedule your release sufficiently in advance, preferably a minimum of 24 hours ahead of the anticipated distribution time.
  • Location: Specify the geographical origin of the news report.
  • Content (Body of the Release): Aim for a substantial narrative of around 500 words, not falling below 200 words. Ensure all embedded hyperlinks are operational at the time of submission, maintaining a hyperlink ratio of 1% to the total text.
  • Visual Elements: Comply with the outlined dimensions and resolution prerequisites for images, minimizing text unless absolutely necessary. The primary news image should be uploaded in .jpg format.
  • Target Categories & Geographic Focus: Choose up to five pertinent categories and geographical areas.
  • Release Contact: Detail the contact person’s name, email, and telephone number.
  • Public Online Drive URL: Share auxiliary files via a public drive link.
  • Video Embedding: Incorporate videos from established hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc., using the appropriate URLs.
  • Landing Page URL: Direct readers to further details concerning the central topic of the release.
  • Supplementary Files: Affix any further files that complement your release.

Please remember, the onus is on you to secure the necessary licenses and permissions for any visuals or materials that you submit to AIPressRoom.