Mobile Gaming Startup Liberty Pixel Raised $1M Pre-Seed Funding

Israeli casual gaming startup, Liberty Pixel, raised $1 million in Pre-Seed funding led by Spring Ventures, with participation from Journey Ventures.

Founded in 2022 by Shay Hugi and Michal Rahamim Maor, formerly known as Cheetah Games and acquired by Liberty Pixel earlier this year, the startup develops premium casual mobile games in an “arcade PvP” experience.

Their first game, SkeeBoost, launched earlier this year, attracting thousands of players.

SkeeBoost includes various modes like battle royale and classic 1vs1, allowing players to advance based on skill rather than pay-to-win mechanics. It modernizes traditional skeeball by incorporating real-time competitive matches and strategic use of boosters to ascend leaderboards. It’s available on the iOs Appstore and Google play.

Liberty Pixel’s funding will be used to expand the game further, with the goal of making it one of the leading games in the mobile market.

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