Plotline Secures $2.6M to Empowers B2C Product Marketers

Plotline, a plug-and-play platform empowering B2C product marketers to personalize app experiences, has secured $2.6 million in seed funding from Elevation Capital to enhance user adoption and loyalty amidst the rise of super apps. As consumer companies face soaring customer acquisition costs, they are pivoting to super apps, aiming to offer a variety of services within a single platform. Plotline is enabling these companies to quickly and effortlessly customize their apps to win and retain users in this competitive landscape.

Founded in 2022 by Shubham Jindal and Adarsh Tadimari, who previously led teams at HyperVerge, Plotline started with the goal of helping product teams gain real-time feedback. However, they soon discovered that many apps were underutilized because users weren’t fully aware of the available functionalities. This led them to develop a platform that dynamically personalizes app experiences based on user behavior, leveraging billions of data points to create a seamless, engaging user experience.

Plotline’s no-code platform uses AI to tailor in-app experiences with inline widgets, nudges, and gamification features that improve activation, feature adoption, and retention. This helps product marketers influence user behavior in ways that existing customer engagement platforms can’t. By integrating LLMs for content creation and continuous experimentation, Plotline ensures each user’s experience is optimized and continuously evolving.

Since its launch, Plotline has gained significant traction, working with 50 consumer app teams, including industry leaders like Dream11, Khatabook, BharatPe, CoinDCX, Niyo, Step, and Kredivo. The platform has reached over 150 million users and helped its clients speed up implementation and experimentation by up to 10x.

In this seed round, Plotline will strategically deploy the $2.6 million investment to strengthen R&D, marketing, and sales functions, aiming to expand in the U.S., Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions.

“With the rise of vertical superapps, Plotline helps consumer apps cut through the noise and deliver the best in-app experiences through their no-code platform that allows growth marketers to craft and launch tailored UX campaigns,” said Poorvi Vijay, Vice President at Elevation Capital. “We’re eager to support Shubham Jindal and Adarsh Tadimari on this journey as they redefine the dynamics of user engagement and drive unparalleled growth in this industry.”

“The growth isn’t just in numbers. With apps turning multi-functional, there’s a lot more ground to cover, and the role of app adoption platforms is becoming even more crucial,” added Jindal. “We’re enabling both companies and their users to navigate the dynamic digital landscape, and the journey is far from over.”


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