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TL;DR: Textual content Immediate -> LLM -> Intermediate Illustration (corresponding to a picture structure) -> Secure Diffusion -> Picture.

Latest developments in text-to-image technology with diffusion fashions have yielded exceptional outcomes synthesizing extremely lifelike and numerous photographs. Nonetheless, regardless of their spectacular capabilities, diffusion fashions, corresponding to Stable Diffusion, typically battle to precisely observe the prompts when spatial or widespread sense reasoning is required.

The next determine lists 4 situations by which Secure Diffusion falls brief in producing photographs that precisely correspond to the given prompts, particularly negation, numeracy, and attribute task, spatial relationships. In distinction, our methodology, LLM-grounded Diffusion (LMD), delivers significantly better immediate understanding in text-to-image technology in these situations.

VisualizationsDetermine 1: LLM-grounded Diffusion enhances the immediate understanding capability of text-to-image diffusion fashions.

One attainable answer to deal with this situation is after all to assemble an unlimited multi-modal dataset comprising intricate captions and practice a big diffusion mannequin with a big language encoder. This method comes with important prices: It’s time-consuming and costly to coach each massive language fashions (LLMs) and diffusion fashions.

Our Answer

To effectively remedy this downside with minimal price (i.e., no coaching prices), we as an alternative equip diffusion fashions with enhanced spatial and customary sense reasoning through the use of off-the-shelf frozen LLMs in a novel two-stage technology course of.

First, we adapt an LLM to be a text-guided structure generator by means of in-context studying. When supplied with a picture immediate, an LLM outputs a scene structure within the type of bounding bins together with corresponding particular person descriptions. Second, we steer a diffusion mannequin with a novel controller to generate photographs conditioned on the structure. Each levels make the most of frozen pretrained fashions with none LLM or diffusion mannequin parameter optimization. We invite readers to read the paper on arXiv for extra particulars.

Text to layoutDetermine 2: LMD is a text-to-image generative mannequin with a novel two-stage technology course of: a text-to-layout generator with an LLM + in-context studying and a novel layout-guided secure diffusion. Each levels are training-free.

LMD’s Further Capabilities

Moreover, LMD naturally permits dialog-based multi-round scene specification, enabling extra clarifications and subsequent modifications for every immediate. Moreover, LMD is ready to deal with prompts in a language that isn’t well-supported by the underlying diffusion mannequin.

Additional abilitiesDetermine 3: Incorporating an LLM for immediate understanding, our methodology is ready to carry out dialog-based scene specification and technology from prompts in a language (Chinese language within the instance above) that the underlying diffusion mannequin doesn’t help.

Given an LLM that helps multi-round dialog (e.g., GPT-3.5 or GPT-4), LMD permits the person to offer extra info or clarifications to the LLM by querying the LLM after the primary structure technology within the dialog and generate photographs with the up to date structure within the subsequent response from the LLM. For instance, a person may request so as to add an object to the scene or change the prevailing objects in location or descriptions (the left half of Determine 3).

Moreover, by giving an instance of a non-English immediate with a structure and background description in English throughout in-context studying, LMD accepts inputs of non-English prompts and can generate layouts, with descriptions of bins and the background in English for subsequent layout-to-image technology. As proven in the correct half of Determine 3, this permits technology from prompts in a language that the underlying diffusion fashions don’t help.


We validate the prevalence of our design by evaluating it with the bottom diffusion mannequin (SD 2.1) that LMD makes use of underneath the hood. We invite readers to our work for extra analysis and comparisons.

Main VisualizationsDetermine 4: LMD outperforms the bottom diffusion mannequin in precisely producing photographs in keeping with prompts that necessitate each language and spatial reasoning. LMD additionally allows counterfactual text-to-image technology that the bottom diffusion mannequin just isn’t in a position to generate (the final row).

For extra particulars about LLM-grounded Diffusion (LMD), visit our website and read the paper on arXiv.


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