The Impression of the Diffuser and Bathe Screens on Espresso | by Robert McKeon Aloe | Jun, 2023

Espresso Information Science

Understanding the stack

I’ve performed a whole lot of checks on the grouphead for the Respectable Espresso machine, and I’ve been taking a better take a look at water distribution on the whole. So I wished to grasp how the bathe display, water diffuser, and water dispenser operated in how water went into the puck. In fact a few of these elements are to facilitate a clear grouphead, however I went after just a few questions:

  1. Does the bathe display assist extraction?
  2. Does the diffuser assist extraction?

I carried out this check with 6 month outdated espresso, which implies the espresso didn’t have any CO2 left or little or no. I then did salami photographs and measured TDS.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is measured utilizing a refractometer, and this quantity mixed with the output weight of the shot and the enter weight of the espresso is used to find out the share of espresso extracted into the cup, known as Extraction Yield (EY).

For a shot profile, I did a flat profile at 90C at a movement of two ml/s. The tip of this profile had a protracted gradual ramp right down to attempt to keep away from sucking espresso grounds up into the grouphead.

For dose, I needed to improve the dose to scale back the headspace. I additionally didn’t know the way far to go, so I modified tamping. I dosed, distributed, and tamped half the grounds first, then I dosed and distributed the second half. I didn’t tamp the second half.

The shortage of a tamp allowed there to be little headspace with out understanding the precise minimal. So one might examine this a bit extra and fluctuate some parameters, however I didn’t. I wished to achieve some information guided instinct.

I used to be just a little stunned the shot seemed so regular with no bathe display.

This shot appears to be like fairly typical.

So then I eliminated the diffuser, and we went for broke.

This shot additionally seemed regular. I used to be anticipating main channeling from the aspect, however as soon as it pressurized, it was the identical.

By way of measurements, there weren’t main variations in extraction yield.

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