New SHAP Plots: Violin and Heatmap | by Conor O’Sullivan | Aug, 2023

We proceed on from a earlier SHAP tutorial. You could find this within the article beneath. You can even discover the complete mission on GitHub. To make use of the brand new charts you’ll have to replace the SHAP bundle. I’m utilizing model 0.42.1.

To summarise, we used SHAP to clarify a mannequin constructed utilizing the abalone dataset. This has 4,177 situations and you may see examples of the options beneath. We use these 8 options to foretell y — the variety of rings within the abalone shell.

The tutorial goes on to calculate SHAP values and show varied SHAP plots. Having an understanding of a few of these is helpful for understanding the brand new SHAP plots. We’ll see that they supply comparable info.

The primary is the imply SHAP plot seen in Determine 1. For every function, this offers absolutely the imply SHAP worth throughout all situations. Options, that had made important contributions to predictions, could have a excessive imply SHAP worth. In different phrases, this plot tells us which options are most essential normally.

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