Midjourney Prompts For T-Shirts Design

Midjourney is a generative text-to-image software that makes use of AI to create lovely photos primarily based on the textual content prompts that you just present. This highly effective software is bettering exponentially, and it’s notably good at creating t-shirt designs.

Whether or not you wish to design your very personal t-shirt, otherwise you’re making an attempt to construct your t-shirt enterprise empire, Midjourney is an unbelievable software that may assist you to make t-shirt designs with none inventive expertise or background. 

All you want is a immediate, and listed here are 50 Midjourney prompts for t-shirt design to get you began. 

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Professional tip: Combine these prompts with your personal concepts to create distinctive AI artwork outcomes. Copy and paste the prompts into Midjourney, then add and take away parts of the immediate as you see match.

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Midjourney T-shirt Prompts

Immediate: An ethnic cranium head graphic t shirt, within the type of anton fadeev, moody colours, crisp traces and types, thomas nast, optical, imaginative characters, sensible

Immediate: Skilled tshirt design vector, sensible, spectacular, 8k, UHD,

Immediate: A brand that has robust distinction with the colour of the t – shirt might be extra simply seen and extra eye – catching. For instance, a white or gentle – coloured brand on a darkish t – shirt will stand out greater than a darker brand.

Immediate: The right t – shirt design

Immediate:  T – shirt design on a plain background

Immediate: Japanese zen backyard tshirt design, sacredelic, clear and crisp design, excessive definition

Immediate: Attire mockup vector, direct overhead shot of neatly organized t – shirt and matching clothes outfit, within the type of rone, daniel garber, zeiss batis 18mm f/ 2. 8, janine antoni, matte picture, rangercore, asante artwork

Immediate: For a graphic design – themed t – shirt, you may create an AI artwork design that includes a typographic component, equivalent to a glossy and trendy sans – serif font. The design could possibly be easy and minimalistic, with a coloration palette of black and white or a single accent coloration.

Immediate: T – Shirt design, mockup, Motivation, Textual content, image, pencil, detailed, excessive decision, type Mockup, coloured, vector traces, shadow, coloured, black and White ar 2: 3

Immediate: A tattoo is a set of various direct male tattoos that go in a

Immediate: Tshirt vector, terminatorgraphic, synthwave, vividcolors, detailed – – s 250 – – q 1

Immediate: Shirt subliminal design

Immediate: Design modern t – shirt designs impressed by AI artwork and the idea of midjourney. Create a midjourney immediate for an AI – generated artwork piece and incorporate it right into a charming digital artwork composition. The t – shirt designs ought to showcase a fusion of AI – generated parts and inventive interpretations of the midjourney idea. Experiment with vibrant colours, summary patterns, and futuristic imagery to seize the essence of the AI – generated artwork and the idea of a transformative midjourney. Be certain that the t – shirt designs are visually placing, participating, and prepared for manufacturing, contemplating elements equivalent to print placement, sizing, and garment compatibility.

Immediate: Create a t – shirt with completely different geometric panels of contrasting colours and shapes. Play with asymmetry and overlapping patterns for a watch – catching design, Hyper sensible, 4k, minimize and stitch, mockup

Immediate: Create a streetwear t – shirt mockup design utilizing a mixture of natural and geometric shapes shaped by the ink to create an summary and intriguing composition. Experiment with completely different coloration palettes and layering methods to attain a visually placing impact, streewear, 4k, excessive decision, prime quality, tshirt mockup

Immediate: Elegant minimalistic T – shirt design vector — s 250

Immediate: Outsized t – shirt design for adventurers and journey lovers. minimalistic design, skinny traces, clear background. trendy and stylish

Immediate: A t – shirt design, incorporating geometric shapes, combined with a climbing/ tenting theme. Easy with a small coloration palette.

Immediate:  Vector Design, TShirt design, Line Artwork T – Shirt, Retro, Flowers, Animals, Cartoon, classic, fashionable, 2nd, vector, flat, no mockup, no background

Immediate: African elephants design minimalistic

Immediate: Create a design that captures the vitality and pleasure of a music competition, incorporating parts impressed by the techno, home, and trance genres. Assume daring and shiny colours, geometric shapes, and summary patterns that may make an announcement on a t – shirt. Bonus factors for together with an emblem or character from the EDM subculture that may resonate with followers of those genres

Immediate: Design a t – shirt with a shiny neon – coloured geometric sample that grabs consideration, 4k, create a minimalist design with a contemporary and legible typography that conveys a transparent and easy message, design a t – shirt with an summary and stylish design in black and white that has a contemporary and complex really feel, create a t – shirt design with a shiny neon – coloured geometric sample that grabs consideration, design a t – shirt with a eye – catching gradient of pastel colours for a contemporary and trendy look, create an illustration of an animal in a novel and trendy type that makes the t – shirt stand out, design a t – shirt with an summary and psychedelic picture that has an inventive and authentic look, design a t – shirt with a small design on the left chest for a delicate and stylish look, create a t – shirt with a big and daring design within the heart for a extra daring and eye – catching look, create a minimalist design with a shiny geometric sample and a contemporary typography for a placing but easy look, design a t – shirt with an authentic illustration in shiny colours and a chic typography for an inventive and trendy look

Immediate: Retro Vibes: A vibrant, neon – coloured t – shirt design impressed by the ’80s period. It showcases a dynamic geometric sample with daring, contrasting shapes and features harking back to retro arcade video games. The design captures the essence of nostalgia and retro coolness.

Immediate: Design for a t – shirt template of a number of skinny neon traces in a cyberpunk type, extremely – sensible particulars

Immediate: Shirt for health, merchandise sport, background, facet view

Immediate: Hyper sensible mockup a couple of efficiency gears of a soccer attire vogue model. futuristic and edgy design

Immediate: Hyper sensible mockup a couple of jerse of a brand new soccer attire vogue model. futuristic and edgy design

Immediate: Jersey design mock up, enticing design, distinctive design, futuristic design, inexperienced and black colours, white background, entrance type, symmetric design

Immediate: Garment design sheet, e – sports activities group T – shirt, back and front angle show, black coloration as base, element show, auxiliary line, fps sport, APEX, delicate coloration texture, jersey cloth

Immediate: Classic tshirts for my etsy store banner

Immediate: Varied unisex t – shirts laid out on a shiny white background, Every t – shirt showcases a unique print. The t – shirts are organized in a means that’s each whimsical and meticulous, creating a trendy and enjoyable {photograph}. Just a few vogue equipment like snapback hats, canvas footwear, and wristbands are additionally displayed alongside ::1

Comicbook ::1.5

Immediate: Sensible, dynamic product pictures of t – shirts that includes superior gamer animal designs, showcasing every design in a dramatic, edgy type, with a studio lighting setup that accentuates the daring colours and complicated particulars of the graphics. Shot at 8k decision with a 35mm lens, the photographs seize the enjoyable and playful spirit of the gaming attire and way of life model, emphasizing the distinctive designs and artistic themes that make these t – shirts assertion items. With a give attention to animal prints, cartoon illustrations, and inspirational graphics, the shirts enchantment to a variety of players and vogue fans, providing a snug and trendy wardrobe selection for any event.

Immediate: Fashionable neon themed shirt designs

Immediate: T shirt design, vogue, cute

Immediate: Create a t – shirt design that includes a cute and quirky cartoon character. Use shiny and daring colours to make the character stand out, and embody playful particulars like a speech bubble or a enjoyable sample within the background. Think about including a pun or a witty phrase to make the design much more enjoyable and fascinating. The outcome must be a design that makes individuals smile and really feel blissful after they put on it.

Immediate: Emoticone, white background, vector, tshirt design

Immediate: An array of humorous emojis, gestures and expressions are scattered over the T – shirt. Easy phrases like “We Are Simply Too Cool! ” are playfully added. The stylish and eccentric type appeals tremendously to youngsters.

Immediate: T – shirt design colourful unusual doodle artwork by Keith Haring, animal, gustav klimt, blissful monsters, rainbow, FULL COLOR

Immediate: Graffiti – Artwork: Entwickeln Sie ein T – Shirt – Design, das von der urbanen Graffiti – Kunst inspiriert ist. Verwenden Sie lebhafte Farben, dynamische Linien und expressive Schriftzüge, um einen rebellischen und kreativen Stil zu erzeugen. Das Design könnte verschiedene Graffiti – Elemente wie Tags, Throw – Ups oder Wildstyle – Buchstaben enthalten und eine lebendige und energetische Ästhetik vermitteln.

Immediate: Males carrying white clean t – shirt, face of males out of body, Graffiti type background, premium product mockup, picture

Immediate: Retro line artwork – impressed t – shirt, classic – impressed illustration, clear black traces, nostalgic aesthetic, traditional and timeless.

Immediate: Blackbot emotional heart print tee shirts, within the type of imitated materials, animal motifs, embroidery, colourful cartoon, gentle beige and black, twenty first century, emotive coloration

Immediate: Homepage for a tshirt and socks web site like Supreme no names, no logos hd, realistics – – 16: 9

Immediate: Graphic T – Shirts: Daring and eye – catching graphic designs usually impressed by popular culture, music, or avenue artwork

Immediate: A clear a cluter – free state of affairs for an excellent promotional image of a display screen printed t – shirt

Immediate: Comics type for tshirt

Immediate: The t shirt that claims perspective is on a grey background, within the type of disturbingly whimsical, exact nautical element, pop kei, childs drawing, pinkcore, 1900–1917, brand

Immediate: Design a easy graphic Tshirt with basketball theme.

Immediate: White 2nd design on a black background, svg, illustration. t shirt design, black and white, easy line illustration, trendy merch, geometric,

Immediate: White 2nd design on a black background, svg, illustration. t shirt design, black and white, easy line illustration, band merch, digital music type t shirt

For those who’re as excited as us about studying find out how to use Midjourney and create AI artwork, then be sure you take a look at our information on advanced Midjourney prompts.

1,000+ Free Midjourney Prompts

Take a look at our free useful resource of 1,000+ Midjourney Prompts. It consists of design kinds, brand prompts, pictures prompts, sport design prompts, Anime prompts, and much more.

It is 100% free!

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