Matplotlib Tricks to Immediately Enhance Your Information Visualizations — In line with “Storytelling with Information” | by Leonie Monigatti | Jun, 2023

Let’s begin with a easy instance. The next information is fictional to permit us to concentrate on the information visualization methods:

import pandas as pd

# Outline fictional instance dataframe
df = pd.DataFrame(
{'characteristic 1' : ['cat 1', 'cat 2', 'cat 3', 'cat 4'],
'characteristic 2' : [400, 300, 200, 100]

Let’s create a easy monochrome barplot utilizing Seaborn with a title as a place to begin:

import seaborn as sns

# Create a fundamental bar chart from the instance dataframe
fig, ax = plt.subplots(1,1, figsize = (6, 4))
sns.barplot(information = df,
x = 'characteristic 1',
y = 'characteristic 2',
coloration = 'tan')

# Add title
ax.set_title('Significant Title')


Within the chapter “Litter is your enemy!” Nussbaumer Knaflic talks about learn how to determine and eradicate visible muddle out of your information visualization — this part will present you learn how to take away visible muddle in Matplotlib plots.

“[…E]very single component provides cognitive load on the a part of your viewers.” — Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic in “Storytelling with Information”

Learn how to take away the highest and proper border of a Matplotlib plot

By default, Matplotlib plots have a field of so-called spines across the edges of the determine. Particularly the highest and proper spines can muddle the information visualization and thus needs to be eliminated.

You possibly can merely take away the irrelevant spines with the next code snippet:

# Take away prime and proper spines

Use 'backside' and 'left' if you wish to take away the opposite spines as effectively. And if you wish to take away the border, together with the complete x- and y-axis as effectively, you need to use ax.axis('off').

Learn how to take away ticks from a Matplotlib plot

Ticks are often not thought-about muddle. However in some circumstances, as on this instance, the ticks of the x-axis of a bar chart are redundant.

# Take away ticks on x-axis
ax.tick_params(backside = False)

Use left = False if you wish to take away the ticks of the y-axis as effectively.

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