If Oral and Written Communication Made People Develop Intelligence… What’s Up with Language Fashions? | by LucianoSphere | Jun, 2023


Are we additionally stochastic parrots, simply much better educated? Do AI language fashions observe within the footsteps of human intelligence? A dialogue on the frontier between science and fiction.

Photograph by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Human intelligence, with its extraordinary cognitive capabilities, stands unparalleled amongst different species. The catalysts behind this mental supremacy might be traced again to the arrival of speech and writing, which facilitated the trade and accumulation of information, collaborative studying, and refined considering. Drawing from this analogy, AI language fashions appear to be embarking on an identical journey, harnessing the ability of communication to advance their very own type of “intelligence”. On this article, I’ll discover how AI language fashions are evolving to copy and surpass the exceptional feats of human cognition.

Be aware this text is all me considering out loud with a provocative tone, referencing research by specialists alongside the best way however offering extra of an opinion.

Discussions are welcome within the feedback, with respect for the completely different opinions and supported by acceptable references when doable.

Speech and writing allow people to have interaction in intricate reasoning and logical considering. Many laptop scientists are attempting to create AI fashions that may additionally carry out complicated reasoning duties by processing huge quantities of knowledge, performing fast computations, and devising so-called “chains of thought” that permit them to not solely analyze patterns but in addition infer causality and thus generate logical conclusions, empowering them to deal with intricate issues.

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