Growing an Autonomous Twin-Chatbot System for Analysis Paper Digesting | by Shuai Guo | Aug, 2023

A mission walk-through for the idea, implementation, and demonstration

Picture by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

As a researcher, studying and understanding scientific papers has at all times been an important a part of my every day routine. I nonetheless keep in mind the methods I discovered in grad college for how you can digest a paper effectively. Nonetheless, with numerous analysis papers being printed day-after-day, I felt overwhelmed to maintain updated with the newest analysis traits and insights. The outdated methods I discovered can solely assist a lot.

Issues begin to change with the latest growth of huge language fashions (LLMs). Due to their outstanding contextual understanding functionality, LLMs can pretty precisely establish related data from the user-provided paperwork and generate high-quality solutions to the consumer’s questions concerning the paperwork. A myriad of doc Q&A instruments have been developed primarily based on this concept and a few instruments are designed particularly to help researchers in understanding advanced papers inside a comparatively brief period of time.

Though it’s undoubtedly a step ahead, I seen some friction factors when utilizing these instruments. One of many primary points I had is immediate engineering. Because the high quality of LLM responses relies upon closely on the standard of my questions, I usually discovered myself spending fairly a while crafting the “excellent” query. That is particularly difficult when studying papers in unfamiliar analysis fields: oftentimes I merely don’t know what inquiries to ask.

This expertise bought me pondering: is it attainable to develop a system that may automate the method of Q&A about analysis papers? A system that may distill key factors from a paper extra effectively and autonomously?

Beforehand, I labored on a project where I developed a dual-chatbot system for language learning. The idea there was easy but efficient: by letting two chatbots chat in a user-specified international language, the consumer may study the sensible utilization of the language by merely observing the dialog. The success of this mission led me to an fascinating thought: may an analogous dual-chatbot system be helpful for understanding analysis papers as nicely?

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