Amazon Translate enhances its customized terminology to enhance translation accuracy and fluency

Amazon Translate is a neural machine translation service that delivers quick, high-quality, reasonably priced, and customizable language translation. Whenever you translate from one language to a different, you need your machine translation to be correct, fluent, and most significantly contextual. Area-specific and language-specific customizable terminology is a key requirement for a lot of authorities and industrial organizations.

Custom terminology lets you customise your translation output such that your area and organization-specific vocabulary, equivalent to model names, character names, mannequin names, and different distinctive content material (named entities), are translated precisely the way in which you want. To make use of the customized terminology characteristic, it’s best to create a terminology file (CSV or TMX file format) and specify the customized terminology as a parameter in an Amazon Translate real-time translation or asynchronous batch processing request. Discuss with Customize Amazon Translate output to meet your domain and organization specific vocabulary to get began on customized terminology.

On this submit, we discover key enhancements to customized terminology, which doesn’t simply do a easy match and substitute however provides context-sensitive match and substitute, which preserves the sentence assemble. This enhancement goals to create contextually applicable variations of matching goal phrases to generate translations of upper high quality and fluency.

Resolution overview

We use the next customized terminology file to discover the improved customized terminology options. For directions on making a customized terminology, confer with Customize Amazon Translate output to meet your domain and organization specific vocabulary.

en fr es
tutor éducateur tutor
sheep agneau oveja
strolling promenant para caminar
burger sandwich hamburguesa
action-specific spécifique à l’motion especifico de acción
order commande commande

Exploring the customized terminology characteristic

Let’s translate the sentence “she was an important tutor” with Amazon Translate. Full the next steps:

  1. On Amazon Translate console, select Actual-time translation within the navigation pane.
  2. Select the Textual content tab.
  3. For Goal language, select French.
  4. Enter the textual content “she was an important tutor.”

As proven within the following screenshot, the interpretation in French as “elle était une excellente tutrice.”

  1. Below Extra settings¸ choose Customized terminology and select your customized terminology file.

The interpretation in French is modified to “elle était une excellente éducatrice.”

Within the customized terminology file, we now have specified the interpretation for “tutor” as “éducateur.” “Éducateur” is masculine in French, whereas “tutor” in English is gender impartial. Customized terminology didn’t carry out a match and substitute right here, as a substitute it used the goal phrase and utilized the right gender based mostly on the context.

Now let’s check the characteristic with the supply sentence “he has 10 sheep.” The interpretation in French is “il a ten agneaux.” We offered customized terminology for “sheep” as “agneau.” “Agneau” in French means “child sheep” and is singular. On this case, the goal phrase is modified to inflect plural.

The supply sentence “strolling within the night is valuable to me” is translated to “me promener le soir est précieux pour moi.” The customized terminology goal phrase “promenant” is modified to “promener” to inflect the right verb tense.

The supply sentence “I like burger” might be translated to “J’aime les sandwichs” to inflect the right noun based mostly on the context.

Now let’s check sentences with the goal language as Spanish.

The supply sentence “any action-specific parameters are listed within the subject for that motion” is translated to “odos los parámetros especificos de acción aparecen en el tema de esa acción” to inflect the right adjective.

The supply sentence “to ensure that us that can assist you, please share your identify” might be translated to “pour que nous puissions vous aider, veuillez partager votre nom.”

Some phrases might have solely completely different meanings based mostly on context. For instance, the phrase “order” in English could be a sequence (as is within the supply sentence) or a command or instruction (as in “I order books”). It’s troublesome to know which that means is meant with out specific info. On this case, “order” shouldn’t be translated as “commande” as a result of it means “command” or “instruct” in French.


The customized terminology characteristic in Amazon Translate may help you customise translations based mostly in your area or language constructs. Current enhancements to the customized terminology characteristic create contextually applicable variations of matching phrases to generate translations of upper high quality. This enhancement improves the interpretation accuracy and fluency. There isn’t any change required for present prospects to make use of the improved characteristic.

For extra details about Amazon Translate, go to Amazon Translate resources to seek out video sources and weblog posts, and confer with AWS Translate FAQs.

Concerning the Authors

Sathya Balakrishnan is a Senior Guide within the Skilled Companies workforce at AWS, specializing in knowledge and ML options. He works with US federal monetary shoppers. He’s captivated with constructing pragmatic options to unravel prospects’ enterprise issues. In his spare time, he enjoys watching films and mountaineering together with his household.

Sid Padgaonkar is the Senior Product Supervisor for Amazon Translate, AWS’s pure language processing service. On weekends, you can see him taking part in squash and exploring the meals scene within the Pacific Northwest.

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