3 Silent Pandas Errors You Ought to Be Conscious Of | by Soner Yıldırım | Aug, 2023

And the way they’ll trigger hidden failures

Picture by Malik Earnest on Unsplash

“The errors of the idiot are identified to the world, however to not himself. The errors of the sensible man are identified to himself, however to not the world.” — Charles Caleb Colton

Not understanding the errors we make in programming doesn’t essentially make us a idiot. Nonetheless, it might end in undesired penalties.

Some errors shine like a diamond and could be acknowledged from miles away. Even if you happen to don’t discover them, compilers (or interpreters) inform us about them by elevating errors.

However, there exist some “silent” errors which might be arduous to note however have the potential to trigger critical points.

They don’t end in any errors however make the perform or operation to execute issues otherwise than you suppose it will. Therefore, the result modifications with out you noticing.

We’ll find out about three of such points.

You’re a knowledge analyst working at a retail firm. You’ve been requested to investigate the outcomes of a lately run sequence of promotions. One of many duties on this evaluation is calculating the whole gross sales portions for every promotion and the grand whole.

Let’s say the promotion information is saved in a DataFrame that appears like the next (positively not this small in actual life):

promotion DataFrame (picture by writer)

And right here is the Pandas code to create this DataFrame if you happen to’d wish to observe alongside and do the examples by yourself:

import pandas as pd

promotion = pd.DataFrame(
"promotion_code": ["A2", "A1", "A2", "B1", "A2", None, "A2", "B1", None, "A1"],
"sales_qty": [34, 32, 26, 71, 44, 27, 64, 33, 45, 90],
"value": [24.5, 33.1, 64.9, 52.0, 29.0, 47.5, 44.2, 25.0, 42.5, 30.0]

Calculating the whole gross sales amount per promotion code is a chunk of cake. You simply want to make use of the groupby perform:


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