10 Feelings Invented by ChatGPT (Shockingly Relatable)

Have you ever ever skilled a sense however by no means been capable of grasp it in phrases?

It seems, ChatGPT is a grasp at capturing the complicated array of feelings we really feel as people and creating new phrases for them.

Immediate: ChatGPT, invent some new feelings.

(Credit score to Phillipp Lenssen for this publish)

New Emotion 1: Lostalgia

New Emotion 2: Quirksolation

New Emotion 3: Neurothirst

New Emotion 4: Epicgrief

New Emotion 5: Libidolight

New Emotion 6: Optinervous

New Emotion 7: Zephyrella

New Emotion 8: Erogret

New Emotion 9: Charmelancholy

New Emotion 10: Globanxiety

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