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Unfold AI is the best generative AI tool and the only one to offer specialized real-time bug and error solutions for developers within their IDEs.

Unfold AI: First-of-its-kind Generative AI Assistant | ChatGPT extension for VSCode

Unfold AI is a free and highly advanced platform for smarter development workflows. It can magically  find and fix errors and bugs in real time, improve your code, help you test it, and secure it. We will be your ultimate AI debugging assistant.

New Feature: “Train on Entire Codebase” Elevate your coding experience with our innovative feature. It intelligently adapts to your entire codebase, ensuring that the solutions and suggestions you receive are finely tuned to your specific coding style and preferences. Now, every query you make is smartly linked to your codebase, embracing your unique coding approach and preferences. Expect more relevant, personalized assistance than ever before!


  •  Terminal Auto Error Corrections: Integrated smart assistant in PowerShell Terminals to Identify and fix coding mistakes automatically.
  •  Train Model on Entire Codebase: Customize the model by training it on your specific codebase for tailored solutions and suggestions.
  •  Code Generation: Quickly turn ideas into workable code.
  •  Code Review: Examine code for issues and best practices.
  •  Code Optimization: Refactor and optimize for better efficiency.
  •  Add Tests: Develop tests to ensure code stability.
  •  Natural Language to Code: Convert spoken or written words into code.
  •  Add Comments: Add clear notes to explain code sections.
  •  Explain: Break down complex code for easier understanding.
  • And so much more!

“The fastest way to write code with REAL-TIME debugging”

Why we are different?

Unfold AI’s key differentiator lies in its smart tracking of the terminal, offering advanced code analysis, real-time error detection, and insightful suggestions for enhancements— all right within your editor.

With Unfold AI’s intuitive terminal assistance, coding becomes a breeze, leading to higher code quality and quicker development. Say goodbye to tedious debugging and welcome the seamless experience of Unfold AI, elevating your coding efficiency to new heights.

Maximize your productivity and streamline your development process by leveraging the advanced bug-fixing capabilities of UNFOLD AI.

Trust in our expertise to efficiently resolve any issues, allowing you to focus on creating top-tier software.

Unfold AI integrates the OpenAI API directly into your IDE.

Our team has perfected a proprietary formula that elevates ChatGPT’s capabilities to unprecedented heights, enabling you to effortlessly eliminate bugs and produce highly optimized code with remarkable speed and accuracy.

As the only extension that specializes in error and bug solutions for VSCode, we take our responsibility seriously and strive to provide the best bug-fixing experience possible.

Store your API key securely:

Your API key is securely saved for your peace of mind in a .env file locally and will not be shared with anyone.

*Unfold AI extension is absolutely FREE, but certain artificial intelligence provider APIs it uses may require payment. Please refer to the app’s installation instructions for further details.

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