OpenAI's Sora and Toys “R” Us, OpenAI Allows Employees To Sell Stock, Apple Says No To Facebook

OpenAI’s Sora and Toys “R” Us, OpenAI Allows Employees To Sell Stock, Apple Says No To Facebook
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00:00 Toys “R” Us Sora Video
02:55 Comment Cataclism: When Can Gemi Create Events
06:00 Comment: Sora Enterprise Only?
07:20 AI-Generated Movies Replacing All Movies – Over Stated
09:56 Apple’s Decision on Not Integrating Meta’s AI Models
11:05 Employee Drama and Overreactions
11:19 Addressing Employee Complaints in Corporate Settings
13:56 Apple Open To Multiple AI Models
14:20 Privacy Hawks Against AI
15:56 OpenAI’s Change in Policies Towards Secondary Share Sales
19:17 Karen Alert – I’m not taking off my shoes in your house
21:15 Twitter ( – Shares A New Bot
24:55 Upcomming Episodes
27:00 Reading Comments

An illustration of a humanoid presenting manifestation of artificial intelligence taking tests while surrounded by "A+"s and "100/100"s on graded tests. Behind it are two researchers in a classroom watching the AI take its tests.

AI’s understanding and reasoning skills can’t be assessed by current tests

Microsoft and Apple back away from OpenAI board

Microsoft and Apple back away from OpenAI board