OpenAI API: Working with Assistants Part 15 – File Search Annotations

Join us for a thrilling adventure in the world of OpenAI Assistants as we dive deep into File Search Annotations in Part 15 of this epic series. Get ready to uncover the mysteries and unlock the power of this cutting-edge technology – even when the documentation throws us a curveball!

We’ll start by understanding the basics of File Search Annotations and how they can revolutionize the way you interact with your uploaded files. But hold on tight because we’re about to hit a roadblock – the Stream Event Handler provided in the documentation doesn’t actually stream! Don’t worry, though, we’ve got your back.

We’ll investigate the issue, explore the OpenAI Developer Forum for answers, and reveal the secrets to creating an updated Event Handler that works seamlessly.
Get ready to witness the magic of streaming in action and see how it can transform your assistant interactions. Plus, stick around for some insightful final thoughts and research on annotations, equipping you with the knowledge you need to master this powerful tool.

Don’t miss out on this crucial episode of Working with Assistants. Hit that play button now and unlock the true potential of OpenAI!

00:00 Welcome Back! File Search Annotations Deep Dive
01:29 Understanding File Search Annotations
03:37 The Documentation Doesn’t Work?
05:12 Demo: Streaming with the Provided Code
05:17 Code Walkthrough: Setting up our Assistant
08:06 Creating an Assistant with a Pre-Attached Vector Store
09:36 Running the Stream: Does it Work?
10:56 Success! Streaming with a Custom Event Handler
14:06 Updating the Event Handler: The on_text_delta Solution
16:39 Cleaning Up the Annotations
18:06 The Problem with Annotations
19:51 More Bad News About Annotations
21:57 Formatting the Citations: Extracting Information
24:54 Final Thoughts


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