OCON Therapeutics Secures $10M to Revolutionize Women’s Health

OCON Therapeutics, a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, raised $10 million in a funding round led by RH Capital. The new capital aims to bolster OCON’s mission of revolutionizing the treatment of prevalent uterine pathologies through their proprietary 3D drug delivery system.

Under the leadership of CEO Keren Leshem, OCON Therapeutics has been at the forefront of developing groundbreaking drug delivery systems. Their flagship product, the IUB® Ballerine®, has proven its safety and efficacy in over 150,000 women. The recent funding will accelerate the development of OCON’s next-generation products, the IUB SEAD® and IUB PRIMA®, designed to treat abnormal and heavy uterine bleeding. These solutions offer both hormonal and non-hormonal options, addressing the needs of women worldwide and tapping into a $35 billion market opportunity.

The $10 million investment was led by RH Capital with participation from Features Capital, Astia Angels, Exerte Partners, and the Israeli Innovation Authority. The startup is preparing for pivotal clinical trials in the US and discussions with the FDA to bring these innovative solutions to a broader market.

By leveraging their innovative sustained drug-releasing technology, OCON aims to provide comprehensive and effective treatments for a wide range of conditions affecting up to 80% of women. The startup is committed to offering modern, safe, and versatile healthcare solutions for women worldwide.

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