Midjourney Prompts For Inside Design

Immediate: inside element of a wonderful belgian villa, mixture of minimalism and smooth minimalism model, Minimalism ::90 , midcentury ::10

, Geometric shapes, rammed earth partitions: 80, eating room, front room with hearth, ecru textured partitions and plafond, understated magnificence, excessive ceilings, consolation, balanc, giant home windows, minimal decor, Clear traces, Impartial palette, smooth mild, no vases, Gentle and shadow, Easy but placing design, Natural supplies, Textured, Functionalism, Refined simplicity, Harmonious composition, protorealistic picture, intricate element, extremely reasonable, majestic, extremely detailed, loopy element, actual picture, smooth mild, shadows from threes, Full HD, shot with Sony DSLR, lens 90mm f/ 2. 8, ::1

Posit AI Weblog: torch time collection, take three: Sequence-to-sequence prediction

Discovering information slices in unstructured information | by Stefan Suwelack | Aug, 2023