Launching with AI: Next Level ChatGPT Strategies that Actually Work

AI… everyone’s talking about it. Many businesses are using it. The question is: what impact can artificial intelligence – and platforms like ChatGPT – have on your business?

Is it something you should embrace or stay away from?

Jeff Walker and Chris Saunders are joined by coach and author Alison Vidotto and copywriting expert John Holt to talk about AI and its impact on the online business world, including:
● The high-level AI skill you need to master… no matter what tool you use
● Why buying a collection of prompts could put you on the fast track… to sabotaging your business
● The best place to go if you want to learn how to write good prompts (why become a prompt engineer when AI will do it for you?)
● Alison’s “before you go…” prompt that instantly gets ChatGPT up to speed, saving you from inputting all the data again when starting a new session
● How Alison uses systems to eliminate overwhelm
● Tips and tricks that help ChatGPT create content that actually sounds like you
● How to turn ChatGPT into your VA, business strategist, or any other employee your business needs (it’ll even handle its own onboarding)
● How freelancers can use AI to scale their business… without hiring any staff
● PLUS – How you can get your hands on a copy of my AI Launch Playbook – my own personal AI “cheat-sheet” – for FREE

… and much more.

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