Introducing Google Docs assistive writing in Spanish

We provide assistive features like Smart Compose and grammar suggestions in Google Docs to help remove friction when writing, so you can focus more on ideas. These widely used features help people write faster and more accurately (we surface over 2 billion grammar suggestions in Docs each month, for example)—but until now, they have only been available in English.

Today, we’re announcing the expansion of assistive writing features in Google Docs to Spanish, a language spoken by over 500 million people worldwide, to help more people around the world write more accurately, faster, and with confidence. 

Focus on ideas, not proofreading

Documents are an important tool for capturing ideas and sharing information, but spelling and grammatical errors can distract readers and look unprofessional. Powered by Google AI, our assistive writing features are built natively into Docs to help you write error-free and with confidence. There’s no need to install additional software, which means your content remains secure.

Last year, we introduced English language grammar suggestions in Docs, which use machine translation techniques to help users catch tricky grammatical errors. Earlier this year, we built on this capability by powering these suggestions with new neural network technology. Starting today, when you write in Spanish within Docs, you’ll see grammar suggestions powered by our leading neural network and Translate technologies. And if you switch between Spanish and English, Docs will auto-detect the language you are typing and surface suggestions accordingly. 

We recently introduced spelling autocorrect to Docs, which auto-corrects misspelled words as you type. This intelligent feature leverages Google Search to learn new words and phrases as they become part of the English language. Later this year, we’ll introduce autocorrect in Spanish so you can more easily write error-free content.

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