Inside OpenAI – ChatGPT, Large Language Models, and More – What’s AI Ep. 11

Everything about GPT and OpenAI with Logan Kilpatrick, Developer Advocate at OpenAI!

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How to start in AI/ML – A Complete Guide:

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00:43 Who are you and what’s your background?
02:40 How long have you been doing your PHD?
04:29 What are your thoughts on the value of a PHD
06:10 What do you think is the ideal path for someone who would like to work in the AI field?
07:10 Would you say graduate studies are required to succeed in the AI field?
08:36 How did you get into OpenAI without a PHD?
11:03 Can you explain how it is to apply in OpenAI and the interview process?
12:58 Did they expect you to know what they offer and how their products work?
14:50 Can you explain what you’re doing on Twitter?
16:41 Can you explain the difference between ChatGPT and GPT4?
17:16 What is GPT?
17:38 What is a token?
18:09 Can you explain what alignment is?
18:46 What is RLHF?
19:23 What is a prompt and a prompt engineer?
20:18 What is a modality and a multi-modal model?
20:49 What is model hallucination?
21:37 What is a GPT agent?
22:20 Are you excited about agents or do you think it’s overrated?
23:43 What is an AGI?
24:47 Do you have tips about how to make the model be more human when writing?
27:02 How many examples of your style should GPT see to imitate you?
28:00 Do you have any tips to help avoid hallucination or plagiarism in the content?
31:46 Could you describe what is a developer advocate and what you do in your day to day life?
35:27 How are you helping developers who are using OpenAI’s products?
39:19 Could you give an insight on what it’s like to work at OpenAI?
43:47 Are there any steps that you are taking to ensure that the technology is being used in a responsible way?
47:45 What is the most interesting product that you’ve seen using OpenAI’s products?
56:28 Are there any products that you’ve seen using GPT that help you personally for productivity?
58:17 Do you have any tips on better using ChatGPT for coding?
59:40 Are there any upcoming interesting features or products that aren’t released yet
01:01:15 Are there any common recurring mistakes that you help developers with?
01:05:44 What would be your tips to get started implementing something from OpenAI
when having no programming skills?
01:07:35 If programming wouldn’t be required are there any other skills that would be?
01:08:08 What are the different GPT models and which should be used when?
01:10:06 When would you use the different GPT models available?
01:12:28 Is there anything you wish AI could do but can’t do yet?
01:13:45 What is the biggest challenge the AI industry is facing right now?
01:14:41 How do you see AI evolving for the next 5 years?
01:17:40 What else are you working on?

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