GPT-4o is WAY More Powerful than Open AI is Telling us…

OpenAI just unveiled their new GPT-4o model, and it’s more powerful than we ever imagined! In this video, we dive deep into what makes GPT-4o truly multimodal, capable of generating text, images, audio, and even video. Discover the groundbreaking features and hidden capabilities that OpenAI didn’t fully reveal. From stunning image creation to lifelike audio generation, GPT-4o is set to revolutionize the AI landscape. Watch now to uncover the full potential of this game-changing model!

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00:00 Introduction and Initial Reactions
00:36 Overview of GPT-4o and Multimodal AI
01:42 Comparison with GPT-4 Turbo
03:22 Text Generation Capabilities
07:22 Audio Generation Capabilities
12:22 Image Generation Capabilities
19:04 Advanced Features
23:27 Video Understanding Capabilities
27:34 Conclusion

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