Flutter Chrome Extension with OpenAI: AI-Powered Summarization

Learn how to build a Flutter AI-powered Chrome extension that automatically summarizes the content of your current tab with Flutter, OpenAI, and LangChain.

00:00 – How to build a Chrome Extension with Flutter, OpenAI and LangChain
03:20 – Create a new Flutter project for the Chrome extension
08:00 – Set up the Chrome extension UI with the atomsbox library
11:10 – Build and test the Flutter Chrome extension in the browser
13:25 – Interact with the Chrome library using Dart JS
20:00 – Create a summarization model with OpenAI and LangChain
27:00 – Deploy the OpenAI summarization model as a Cloud Function on Google Cloud
31:00 – Set up the Dart API client to connect with the AI model

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This extension, built with Flutter, OpenAI, and LangChain:
– Uses Flutter UI components from
– Integrates with the Chrome API using Dart JS interop,
– Connects with a backend service running as a Cloud Function.
– Summarizes the content of your current tab using an AI large language model from OpenAI & LangChain for advanced summarization.

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