Easy methods to Use ChatGPT to Convert Textual content right into a PowerPoint Presentation

How to Use ChatGPT to Convert Text into a PowerPoint Presentation
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Are you bored with spending hours creating PowerPoint shows from prolonged texts? Do you want there was a sooner strategy to convert your content material into participating slides? Use ChatGPT to remodel your textual content right into a presentation in simply minutes. Say goodbye to tedious copy-and-pasting and hey to an environment friendly and efficient answer for all of your presentation wants!

To remodel your textual content right into a PowerPoint presentation, you need to run simply two steps:

  • Let ChatGPT summarize your textual content
  • Let ChatGPT write the Python code to transform the abstract into the PPTX format



Step one includes instructing ChatGPT to generate a presentation with a selected variety of slides primarily based on the given textual content. First, you need to present ChatGPT with the textual content you need to convert.

Use the next immediate to instruct ChatGPT to create the presentation:

Please convert the next textual content right into a ten-slide presentation: [enter the text]

ChatGPT will generate one thing much like the textual content proven within the following determine:


How to Use ChatGPT to Convert Text into a PowerPoint Presentation
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It’s essential to notice that the size and complexity of the textual content could influence the extent of element and coherence within the generated presentation. Due to this fact, protecting the unique textual content concise and arranged is advisable to acquire optimum outcomes.



Now that you’ve obtained the generated presentation, it’s time to transform it into the broadly used PowerPoint format, .pptx. To perform this, we are going to ask ChatGPT to put in writing the Python code to generate it.

Use the next immediate to instruct ChatGPT to transform the presentation into pptx:

Please write the Python code to remodel the earlier texts into the pptx format

ChatGPT will generate the Python code in your slides, resembling the next one:

from pptx import Presentation

# Create a presentation object
presentation = Presentation()

# Slide 1 - Title slide
slide1 = presentation.slides.add_slide(presentation.slide_layouts[0])
title = slide1.shapes.title
title.textual content = "Enhancing the Efficiency of a Machine Studying Algorithm"

# Slide 2 - Introduction
slide2 = presentation.slides.add_slide(presentation.slide_layouts[1])
content2 = slide2.shapes.title
content2.textual content = "Introduction"

# Slide 3 - Balancing Methods
slide3 = presentation.slides.add_slide(presentation.slide_layouts[1])
content3 = slide3.shapes.title
content3.textual content = "Balancing Methods"

# Slide 4 - Utilizing imbalanced-learn library
slide4 = presentation.slides.add_slide(presentation.slide_layouts[1])
content4 = slide4.shapes.title
content4.textual content = "Utilizing imbalanced-learn Library"

# Slide 5 - Knowledge Import
slide5 = presentation.slides.add_slide(presentation.slide_layouts[1])
content5 = slide5.shapes.title
content5.textual content = "Knowledge Import"

# Slide 6 - Mannequin Constructing
slide6 = presentation.slides.add_slide(presentation.slide_layouts[1])
content6 = slide6.shapes.title
content6.textual content = "Mannequin Constructing"

# Slide 7 - Imbalanced Dataset
slide7 = presentation.slides.add_slide(presentation.slide_layouts[1])
content7 = slide7.shapes.title
content7.textual content = "Imbalanced Dataset"

# Set the content material for every slide
slides = [slide2, slide3, slide4, slide5, slide6, slide7]
content material = [
    "This tutorial belongs to the series How to improve the performance of a Machine Learning Algorithm.",
    "A balanced dataset is a dataset where each output class is represented by the same number of input samples.",
    "Balancing techniques include oversampling, undersampling, class weight, and threshold.",
    "The imbalanced-learn library, part of the contrib packages of scikit-learn, is used in this tutorial.",
    "Data is imported using the pandas library, and the target class is created based on cuisine.",
    "The model is built using the Decision Tree algorithm, and evaluation metrics are calculated.",
    "The classification report and various plots are generated for the imbalanced dataset."

# Add content material to every slide
for slide, content_text in zip(slides, content material):
    content_placeholder = slide.placeholders[1]
    content_placeholder.textual content = content_text

# Save the presentation"machine_learning_presentation.pptx")


As well as, ChatGPT recommends you put in the python-pptx library:


As soon as the library is put in, you possibly can run the generated code to supply your PowerPoint presentation.

Watch the next video to see ChatGPT in motion!



Congratulations! You might have simply discovered how one can convert textual content to a PowerPoint presentation utilizing ChatGPT!

Because of the unbelievable capabilities of ChatGPT, changing textual content right into a PowerPoint presentation has turn into a breeze. Following the two-step course of outlined on this weblog submit, you possibly can rapidly rework prolonged texts into concise shows.

Keep in mind to supply clear and arranged textual content to acquire the most effective outcomes. With ChatGPT and some traces of Python code, you possibly can captivate your viewers with gorgeous shows!

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