Dynatrace for AI Observability: OpenAI, TensorFlow and more

AI observability refers to the ability to gain insights and understand the behavior, performance, and cost of artificial intelligence (AI) models and services during their operation. This involves monitoring, analyzing, and visualizing the important internal states, inputs, and outputs of AI models to ensure their correctness, reliability, and effectiveness.

In this Observability Clinic, we have Wolfgang Beer, Principal Product Manager, walk us through how to use #Dynatrace to monitor the usage of AI APIs (such as OpenAI, TensorFlow, or others), identify costs and how to diagnose and optimize performance, and costs.

In this session, we discussed the following links:

AI Observability Blog:
AI Observability Doc:
GitHub Repository for OpenAI:
GitHub Repository for TensorFlow:
BizEvents Doc:

Chapter List
00:00 – Introduction
01:02 – What you’ll learn today
02:47 – OpenAI Demo Environment
05:52 – How to capture AI APIs context
09:47 – Log Parsing Rules
11:40 – Live Demo – OpenAI Observability
25:48 – TensorFlow Observability
28:06 – Live Demo – TensorFlow Observability

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