Dora Secured $5.5M to Deliver Multichain Ecosystem Queries

Dora, a pioneering unified search and action engine designed for the multichain world, has secured $5.5 million in Seed funding co-led by Dragonfly Capital and Lemniscap. Participating investors included Robot Ventures, Ethereal Ventures, Maven11, Arche Capital, and prominent angel investors like Rushi Manche and Dino Savonin, Co-Founders of Movement Labs and Fluent respectively.

The new capital is earmarked to bolster Dora’s innovative capabilities in multichain search, crosschain transaction facilitation, and deepen collaborations with various blockchain networks across virtual machines.

“The golden age of web2 came hand in hand with that of its search engines. To spark the widespread adoption of onchain goods and services, we need a crypto search engine,” said Bunny, CEO and Co-Founder of Dora. “This funding round demonstrates our investors’ strong confidence in our vision: an unfragmented and unified multichain experience. By integrating interactivity at the Discoverability Layer, we aim to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology and facilitate the evolution towards a multichain, and soon multiVM world.”

Currently supporting over 20 chains including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Celo, and others, Dora provides essential tools such as a multichain Block Explorer, APIs for enriched token and NFT information, structured data retrieval powered by Goldsky and Simplehash, transaction capabilities like swaps and mints, and an embedded wallet. These integrated offerings serve as comprehensive solutions aimed at driving developer adoption and stimulating ecosystem usage across supported chains.

“Dora is at the forefront of making blockchain data comprehensible and accessible to a wider audience,” commented Tarun Chitra, Partner at Robot Ventures. “We believe their technology will play a pivotal role in the broader adoption of blockchain and decentralized applications. In a future where there are as many blockchains as there are GPUs, Dora will be the key to managing complexity for end users.” The startup’s unique approach to search and interactivity within the multichain world positions them as a key player in driving mass adoption, added Roderik van der Graaf, Founder of Lemniscap.

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