ChatGPT Functions – Full Tutorial for using OpenAI Functions

Learn OpenAI ChatGPT Functions and how to properly integrate them. In this video I’ll cover Chat GPT functions and how to integrate ai into function calling. ChatGPT Function can be used to talk directly between your terminal and request Open AI to call specific commands based on what is written.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – What are ChatGPT Functions
06:58 – OpenAI Setup and API Key
07:49 – VSCode NodeJS Setup for OpenAI Key
09:25 – ChatGPT Functions – Basic Example – Hello World
10:00 – Step 1 – Initialise API call to OpenAI ChatGPT Functions
11:11 – Step 1 – Setup OpenAI Function Call Syntax
12:24 – Step 2 – Check if ChatGPT wants to call a Function
14:08 – Step 3 – Identify Function To Call – Pass Variables – Call Function
15:18 – Step 4 – Prepare a return response from the function to ChatGPT
17:57 – Step 4 – Send ChatGPT Functions the return response
18:39 – Test ChatGPT Function – Summary
20:08 – ChatGPT Functions – Create Function – Time of day
23:17 – ChatGPT Functions – Expert Function – Web Scraper
28:31 – Conclusion – Download GitHub Project

This video is a tutorial on how to use ChatGPT Functions. It is essentially a Crash Course for Open AI Chat GPT Functions. This is a beginners guide to functions chatgpt. Hopefully this will show you how to use chatgpt functions.

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