Build a SwiftUI ChatGPT iOS App | OpenAI API

In this video, we are going to build ChatGPT SwiftUI iOS App. This tutorial uses the leaked model and prompt that can be used to interact with ChatGPT using completion API endpoint.
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GitHub Completed Project:

Updated tutorial for building using OpenAI Official ChatGPT Public API

Part 2 – Build a SwiftUI ChatGPT macOS App

Part 3 – Build a SwiftUI ChatGPT watchOS App | OpenAI API

Part 4 – Build a SwiftUI ChatGPT tvOS App | OpenAI API

Official ChatGPT Public API has been released as of 2nd March 2023, you can find the followup video on updating this here –

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:18 Demo
00:02:32 State of ChatGPT API
00:05:15 Access ChatGPT using Leaked model and special prompt
00:07:59 This unofficial API with leaked model is temporary
00:09:12 Implement ChatGPT API
00:46:22 Implement UI with SwiftUI
01:28:01 Closing

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