Artlist Debuts AI Voiceover, Text To Speech Generator

Media asset startup, Artlist, launched a new text to speech generator; AI voiceover for video creators. The new feature, integrated within Artlist’s platform, marks a significant leap in content creation, enhancing the capabilities of brands and creators globally.

Artlist is the first creative asset platform to offer an in-product AI voice generator, unveiling an exclusive voice catalog that seamlessly integrates with Artlist’s existing offerings, including music, sound effects, footage, and templates. The text to speech generator tool eliminates the need for external voiceover services, saving time and resources while opening up new storytelling possibilities.

“We’re excited to introduce the AI voiceover generator to our platform,” said Itzik Elbaz, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Artlist. “This feature enhances the ability of brands and creators to craft immersive narratives with unmatched clarity and emotion. Whether you’re a high-end production company or an emerging content creator, Artlist provides the tools you need to succeed in today’s competitive creator economy.”

The AI voiceover feature will be available gradually over the coming days on and is included in the Artlist Max plan at no additional cost, as well as a stand-alone plan. Artlist is democratizing access to high-quality narrations, empowering creators with professional-grade voiceovers crafted by top-tier artists.

“We developed a catalog of exclusive voices to democratize access to high-quality narrations,” said Roee Peled, Chief Product Officer of Artlist. “By leveraging advanced AI and speech synthesis technologies, we enable brands and creators to produce engaging voiceovers at scale, more cost-effectively.”

AI voiceover technology is revolutionizing content creation by offering increased efficiency, cost savings, and creative flexibility. Businesses and creators are increasingly recognizing its potential to enhance engagement and convey messages effectively, from promotional videos to tutorials and beyond.

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