Alibaba Cloud launches English version of AI model hub

Alibaba Cloud has taken a step towards globalising its AI offerings by unveiling an version of ModelScope, its open-source AI model community. The move aims to bring generative AI capabilities to a wider audience of businesses and developers worldwide.

ModelScope, which embodies Alibaba Cloud’s concept of “Model-as-a-Service,” transforms AI models into readily available and deployable services. Since its launch in mainland China in 2022, the platform has grown to become the country’s largest AI model community, boasting over five million developer users.

With this international expansion, developers around the globe will now have access to more than 5,000 advanced AI models. The platform also welcomes user-contributed models, fostering a collaborative ecosystem for AI development.

The English version of ModelScope provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to support developers in bringing their AI projects to fruition. This includes access to over 1,500 high-quality Chinese-language datasets and an extensive range of toolkits for data processing. Moreover, the platform offers various modules that allow developers to customise model inference, training, and evaluation with minimal coding requirements.

Alibaba Cloud announced the English version of ModelScope during the 2024 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Conference in Seattle. This annual event brings together academics, researchers, and business leaders for a five-day exploration of cutting-edge developments in AI and machine learning through workshops, panels, and keynotes.

The company’s presence at CVPR was further bolstered by the acceptance of more than 30 papers from Alibaba Group, with six selected as oral and highlighted papers. This achievement underscores Alibaba’s commitment to advancing the field of AI research and development.

Conference attendees also had the opportunity to experience firsthand the capabilities of Alibaba’s proprietary Qwen model series at the company’s booth. The demonstration showcased the model’s impressive image and video generation capabilities, providing a glimpse into the potential applications of Alibaba’s AI technologies.

The launch of the English version of ModelScope represents a significant milestone in Alibaba Cloud’s strategy to expand its AI offerings globally.

As businesses and developers worldwide increasingly seek to harness the power of AI, platforms like ModelScope are set to play a crucial role in democratising access to advanced AI capabilities. With its extensive collection of models, datasets, and development tools, Alibaba Cloud’s ModelScope will help to accelerate AI innovation and adoption on a global scale.

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