AI-Powered Dynamics 365 Customer Service Workspace Party (OpenAI Integration)

Welcome to the future of customer support, where Dynamics 365 Customer Service Workspace and OpenAI join forces to create an AI extravaganza! In this thrilling video, I unveil the game-changing features that will revolutionize your support operations.

Watch as I demonstrate how real-time translation and transcription break down language barriers, enabling your agents to provide seamless support across the globe.

We’ll also explore the power of sentiment analysis, helping you understand your customers’ emotions and tailor your responses for maximum impact.

Stay tuned as we reveal how the platform’s AI recommends related KB articles and cases, empowering your agents with the knowledge to resolve issues faster and more effectively.

And, as a grand finale, witness the seamless integration with OpenAI, taking your customer support experience to the next level with cutting-edge AI capabilities.

Join me on this wild ride and learn how to harness the power of AI to supercharge your customer service efforts! #Dynamics365 #CustomerService #AIIntegration #openai

00:00 Introduction
02:05 Dashboard experience
06:05 Power Virtual Agent Chat interaction
08:35 Handover to human agent (Chat)
09:10 360-degree view of the customer
11:20 Real-time translation service
13:00 Agent scripts
14:40 Create new case automation (macro)
15:30 Smart Assist (AI-suggestions)
17:10 Open AI Integration (custom via React)
21:10 Swarming capability
25:50 Show AI-Summary of the transcription
27:10 Summary of AI Features
29:00 End


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